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100 Premium Roses Basket

100 Premium Roses Basket
100 Premium Roses Basket

Love says nothing, more than the deep, velvety red of a beautiful red rose. This beautiful arrangement of the most beautiful 100 red roses has been specially chosen for their bloom. It brings your love to that special person in a very special way. Arranging beautifully in a heart-shaped arrangement will definitely make your beloved's heart bigger for you.

Follow the instructions — flower care is important for long-lasting healthy flowers. Read flower care instructions below.

  • Hand made bouquets of roses and other flowers. With a sharp knife, remove 1 inch from the stem end and cut it on the cone.
  • Do not use scissors or crush the stem, this prevents the flower from taking water. Stand in a deep vase filled with water with added flower food.
  • Change the water in the vase at least twice a week. If the flower head flutters, cut the stem from the top and set the flower in 1 inch of boiling water at the earliest.
  • Keep flowers away from sunlight, fruits and radiators, the longer the cooler will last.
  • Flower Basket Arrangement-On Your Flower Arrangement Container with the Container with Water. Top the flowers with drinking water. Keep the system away from sunlight and radiators.
  • The colder the room, the longer the flowers stay. Remove the blooms as they wither. Happy Gifting!
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